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synaptogenesis in the culture industry

synaptogenesis in the culture industry

synaptogenesis in the culture industrysynaptogenesis in the culture industry
Andres Chapparro

"Jackie McLean on Mars" by Andrés Chaparro 

Thomas Rome is an American producer, manager, collector, and lawyer active in various disciplines in the arts.

He is especially known, in music, for his innovative work in the careers of Senegal's Youssou N'Dour, South Africa's Abdullah Ibrahim, and Pakistan's Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.  Icons in their respective national musical cultures, all three have had global impact.

He has also guided a new generation of talent in jazz, classical, and "world music," in cinema, and in the visual and plastic arts.

His activities span several continents, in these fields:


music production

audiovisual production & distribution

licensing & rights management 

artist management

player representation in

basketball, soccer, & baseball


He is a principal in these relevant organizations:

African Broadband Publishing

African Hypertext

Mokarim Music

The David Lewiston Archive

Xippi Music

Xippi Productions

Young Vilna

Universal Sports Alliance

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